A French duck on a journey of adventure, self-expression and joie de vivre. Having decided that staying in his pond in the south of France will not get him all that life has to offer, Fat Louis left his home and set out to explore his country for enriching experiences that will allow him to fulfill his dreams.

Like any French duck, Fat Louis is keenly interested in his country's rich cultural contributions and wants to participate in them, trying his hand at conducting an orchestra, directing a movie and skiing the Alps (while also winning the heart of a young female French duck -- not easy to do when the wind and snow is whipping through your feathers). Naturally, he also gets his webbed feet a little dirty by stomping some grapes, a practice rooted in France's deep history of winemaking.

As Fat Louis realizes his dreams, Fat Louis Wines are imbued with his spirit and appreciation for life's great pleasures. Within each bottle is a celebration of taste and achievement that bring flavorful festivities to any occasion, be it savoring some time with good friends or commemorating your first time conducting an orchestra... or even catching the fancy of a young French duck.

Fat Louis Wines -- grab life by the feathers.