Cabaret Rosé

2011 French Red Wine

Advertising posters are typically a franc a dozen, but there’s something magical about a classic Toulouse-Lautrec. He and Fat Louis nearly saw eye-to-eye when Henri lent his mighty talents to the artwork for some of the more risqué nightclubs of the time. Ooh la la!

Some nights you want to shake your own tail feathers or, au contraire, maybe someone else’s. If ever there was a French red that could, could, Cabaret Rosé can, can!


Blushing, crystalline rosé color in the glass, 
with wild strawberry and lively red fruit aromas.
 A fresh, smooth and harmoniously balanced 
finale on the palate. Spectacular! Encore, Fat Louis!

Grape Varietals

50% Cinsault, 50% Grenache

Gastronomic Companion

As an aperitif or with pizzas, grilled fare and cold meats


Through straining the juice in controlled temperatures


Stainless steel vats, thermostatically regulated

Alcohol Content



Schist, chalky clay

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